Liverpool Escort’s confession: Why I became An Escort?

December 14, 2017

Whether you are going to meet one of elite Liverpool escorts for the first time, or you have regular meetings with our naughty escorts, there is No Doubt to say that you have always wished to ask over them what made them make a Decision to become an escort. Fine… here is your chance to realize a little more about what makes girls decide to ‘offer’ their companionship and time. Of course, the reasons are assorted and will be at variance from one escort to next, but this ‘Liverpool escorts confession’ will give you an insight into experiences that beguile girls, both slim and busty, into the world of adult entertainment.

Our initial ‘assertion’ originates from one of our more mature Liverpool escorts, Annie, a lovely attractive woman who owns unique quality of recognizing exactly how to place men at their easiness and make them feel attractive. 

Annie tells us her story….

“Escorting was somewhat that young girls executed. It was somewhat that never came in my head, until I broke up from my partner. This split left me as a broken totally and especially as single mother to my beautiful son. As he’d been used to becoming adult in an upbringing where everything was given for her, I felt assistance to get a job which would not only pay me well, but give me Time to spend with her. Breaking from my partner made me appraise my life and where it was going. I did not have a Career to denote, no actual qualifications and I recognized the chances of me looking for a job which paid nicely and gave me enough time also to spend with my son.

To know more about me, I had done a bit of modeling when I was a bit younger, even though I’d never truly taken it fatally. On the other hand, I liked being in front of the camera and I loved the interest I got, while I was executing it. I did have a look at going back into modeling, but it appeared like there was a, infinite stream of girls who were keen to make their modeling career too. It just no longer appeared the right fit for me as a single mother.

Partying, and more partying

From an early age, I was sexually bright. I lost my virginity at 17 to a boy from school and after that I ended up in a range of short relationships which finished in having my daughter. During this time, I worked in clubs all through the city and became involved in modeling after. Yes, I was the ultimate party girl. On the other hand, I drew the line at dipping into the world of porn films, like some of the girls I worked with. I liked sex as a purely leisure activity, not as a way to gain money. Sure, I often found myself in a dark corner giving a guy a blow job after the club had closed, but I never executed it for the cash.


I ran through a string of partners. I did not want to settle down, as I was having much fun. And then, I found I was expectant of child. For 3 or 4 years, things were great with my marriage with a guy who gave me beautiful experience of being Mother. As a result, I stopped working at the club, and concentrated on making a home.

Separation from my husband…

“Reasonably I was distraught when the relationship came to an end. To be reasonable, he was good about it, and assisted me to get a new place to live but that was the finish of both his emotional and his financial involvement with me. Now it was up to me to give for my son again. 

My money was beginning to expire. I was given a few hours work at the club, but it was not enough to cover the bills. As luck would have it, I was working in the club one night, I ran into a couple of girls. They looked great. They were with a couple of well turned-out guys. They uttered that they were going on to a private party and invited me also to join them. I explained them that I did not dismount work for another 30 minutes or so. One of the guys pushed £70 in my hand and told me his address. So I found it really a lucrative yet helpful escort recruitment Liverpool.

That private party went Boon to my financial crisis…

To slash a long story short, the hours continued with them for private party to the same way I thought to do. More sparkling wine, and plenty of sex… made me say it ‘Yes’ to be my career. Such a wonderful escort vacancy Liverpool, it has strengthened me to support my home financially.

Escorting fits well to my lifestyle…

“For me, escorting appears as an ideal way to earn my living. I meet many fascinating men. I go to lots of private parties, get some thoughtful gifts, I have my Independence and I am able to give my son. I don’t become anxious what other people may think of my profession.